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Front Line Worker (Participant #1)

I'm SO very excited to tell the story (and show the photoshoot of) our very first participant in the "Fantasy Shoots for Front Line Workers" campaign. We had so many deserving nominations for this (which is a complimentary make-over and photoshoot in the studio) and the stories were SO powerful, inspirational, heartening….not enough words. We chose 10 in no particular order and here is our first!

Sydney is 18 and a freshman at USM as a nursing student. She also worked all Summer at a busy outpatient practice as a Covid-19 health screener, being exposed to the public in the middle of a pandemic. She's the person you see when you go in for an appointment and asks Covid questions and takes your temperature.

In addition, Sydney was a 2020 high school graduate. Like all other 2020 students, she ended up doing her senior year remotely and never really had a chance to say goodbye to her friends or teachers. There was no prom, no real graduation, and no fun Spring months of her senior year with pranks or skip days.

Sydney was nominated by her mom and her story tugged at our heart strings. We had Sydney bring her prom dress among other pieces to be photographed in. SO FUN! I wish we could do this for the entire senior class of 2020 in the state of Maine but we are just three volunteers trying to give back. Thank you to Jessica Griffin for doing a knock out job on hair and make-up! Here are some of the photos from our shoot!